It's been two months, I should say something.
Half the reason I pay attention to LJ nowadays is to keep up with a few friends. But the trouble is... I keep up more with Facebook. Or G+. Or Twitter. And this just keeps falling to the side. So. Here's what's going on.

Weight is still up for the year, but down ten pounds from my heaviest point. Was doing well until my doctor ordered me to avoid strenuous exercise to give my heart a break. Then I bounced up twenty pounds. Stop exercising and eat the same and your weight jumps up? Whoda thunk it? So, I've now got the blood pressure under control, and I've changed my eating habits, now I just need to get back on the exercise train. Odds are I'm not going to go back to the gym. Not that I don't want to, but my funds are being diverted elsewhere.

And that elsewhere is Skulls for Tots. I decided to run a fundraiser for the Child's Play charity. It's going to start November 11th at Noon (Should I push it up an 49 minutes?) and it'll be a marathon through each Halo FPS game on the Legendary difficulty setting. When we hit certain financial points, we'll add additional skulls to the mix. Here's the preliminary checklist for Halo 2.

1st IWHBYD $208 - Changed dialogue.
2nd Sputnik $416 - increased physics response.
3rd Famine $832- Less ammo.
4th Black Eye $1,664 - Charge your shields by punching
5th Catch $3,328 - Enemies throw more grenades.
6th Ghost $6,656 - AI characters do not flinch from attacks.
7th Angry $13,312 - Enemies fire their weapons faster and more frequently.
8th Assassins $26,624 - All enemies are cloaked.
9th Whuppoptomous $53,248 - AI is smarter.
10th Mythic $106,496 - Enemies have double health, double shields
11th Thunderstorm $212,992 - Most enemy units are their highest rank
12th Blind: $425,984 - No HUD

Got a friend doing the website, and I'm busy enlisting everyone I can, aside from people playing the game, I'll need people to help run the webchat and live stream, and I've had a few people volunteer to bring over some food, which is nice.

Other than that, not a whole helluva lot going on. Hope everyone else out there in internet land is doing well.

Jim Peacock laws
So I think to myself...

"Self, what would happen if you did a whole crap-ton of find/replace on old Jim Crow laws to segregate the non-straight orientation?"


See how many you can find that currently exist!

Thirty years down, and life to go - My beginnings. As best I remember them.
As I’ve approached 30, I have to admit, I felt my interests changing. My interests veered from the solo to the group, my standards for success have changed, but oddly enough, my goals really haven’t. So, what I’m writing here is a historical perspective. On my life, what I’ve witnessed, and what it means to me. I’m sure that as I age, I will gain perspective and look back at some of these decisions and think of what a short-sited fool I was. But, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you don’t deserve to laugh at anyone else.

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The best of 2010: NBA edition
As usual, it’s a highlight list, Some whys are answered, and some really random shit is in there. Enjoy!


Accumulated Knowledge - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin pt 1
As I’ve been getting older, I realize my ambitions are exceeding my grasp. So, while I could simply discard these ambitions and be resigned to my lot in life, I instead choose to find out how to extend my grasp.

The first hero I ever had was Benjamin Franklin, so it makes sense for me to start there. And while I could find numerous biographies on him, I would prefer to instead read how he detailed his own life. There was a lot I learned from this book, but I’m going to skip ahead to chapter six.

The thought train continues:

Day 98: the long road back
It's not just my mind that's missed working out. It's my body as well. The core muscles are better, but the upper arms have lost strength as well. I'm still not up to sprinting on the cycle either. I hate losing ground, but I know that if I press too hard, I'll make the situation worse. And finding the happy medium isn't that hard. You know when your muscles start to go "No more"? What that really means is five more.

Until I get back up to the squares and sprints, I'm going to leave the progress recovery off. A bit too disappointing as well.

Other than that, I've been reading and enjoying the Autobigraphy of Benjamin Franklinm once I've finished with it. I'll share what I've gained here. Hope things are well with everyone else. Later!

Day 85 of push-ups: Bridging the gap.
Alright, yes, I know I skipped three weeks. I wasn't able to climb a flight of stairs without collapsing into a coughing mess, much less work out. I'm finally able to breathe again, so here we go.

My core muscles are shot.

I was doing the squares on Wednesday morning. First set went well with twelve. Got four into the second set and I felt the core muscles start to go. Having been through that before. I'd prefer to avoid it again if at all possible. So, back to bridges and knee push-ups. Still, I'm happy that I didn't lose strength from my arms, which is what I was most afraid of.

A little bit of weight has come back post-illness. I'm at 245 right now. Still got another 30 pounds to drop before I hit the point I set for myself. But the weight is no longer my focus. It's the fitness. The more push-ups I can do, the harder I can work myself on the exercise bike, the more fit I know I am. Weight will come off in time. And I look forward to watching it go.

Down down down
So, for the past three weeks, I've been down. Flu led into pneumonia, led into bronchitis. Due to the coughing, I've not been eating much, but my appetite is still around. So, yesterday I attempted to eat a Chipotle burrito and ended up horking half the thing back up because my stomach was too full (I'm guessing). As you may have guessed, if I can't eat, I can't get the calories to operate, so my body burns off what it's got. Which is why since coming down with this thing, I've dropped twenty pounds, from 260 to 240. I had Monday where I didn't cough up blood when I woke up, but unfortunately Tuesday and Wednesday have gone back to what is becoming an irksome morning ritual. Obviously, workouts have not been do-able during this time. Hell, just climbing the stairs to my apartment leads to coughing jags. I've got to go to a follow-up at urgent care shortly, so we'll see how that turns out. Hopefully they'll say it's just gonna take some time to stop the morning coughing fits, I'm getting real fucking sick of this crap.

Temp hit 102.9 yesterday. Drinkin tussin straight from the bottle.waking up every few hours to hock up a loogie from beyond time and space. Joints all sore.


Day 78* of push-ups: From Hell's heart, I stab at thee, left wrist.
With my last breath, I spit at thee, exercise bike.

So, I waited until after my first set of push-ups on today to write this, because I wanted to verify that I could actually *DO* them. And I can! So yay! Unfortunately, the number I can do per set has gone down. So that stinks. Look forward to getting those numbers back up.

So, the results for the past week:

Wed: Rested the wrist.
Thur: GI illnesses do not work well with sitting in place for an extended period of time.
Fri: Wrested the wrist.
Sun: Completed the 40 min course at difficulty 5, speed 17.7
Mon: Arrested the wrist.
Tue: Started the 40 min course at difficulty 6, speed 18.2. Reached Boom Boom Dollar before running out of gas. It was one of those good "out of gas"ses though. The kind when you're so exhausted afterward that you need to gather your strength to scrub up in the shower.

In other news, Roller Derby was last Saturday and it was awesome, even though the Atomic Bombshells lost. The Dagger Dolls also obliterated the Garta Belts by over a hundred points for their first win in 11 matches.

The building move for work is a complete cock-up. Ports aren't properly set at the new building, users aren't bothering to read their emails on what they need to do, and we're having server load issues. Good times. Good times.


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